No First Quarter minutes are available


The Quarterly Meeting of the members of the New Braunfels Golf Association (Association) was held at 9 a.m. on May 18, 2019.

A quorum of the officers and members were present.

Bob Bajackson, president, was not present due to miscommunications regarding the time change for the called the meeting, Jim Patterson called the meeting to order and the following business was transacted:

The business from the last Quarterly meeting of the Association was reviewed and approved, being that: 1. Closest to the Pin money was approved to be reduced from $10.00 to $5.00; and 2. Hole in One money was approved to be reduced from $500.00 to $300.00.

The Treasurer’s Report was made and approved, a copy is attached hereto. Of the balance, $500.00 is on deposit for the Hole in One Fund. The treasurer also reported that the Association currently has 43 paid members with two new members as of the date.

Old Business: None.

New Business: Jim Patterson proposed a motion to reduce strokes allowed for net skins to one stroke per hole to start the next week. That motion was tabled and a motion was made, seconded and passed to table discussion.

The meeting was adjourned by Motion and Second.

Respectfully submitted,

_______________________________________ Secretary of the Meeting
Mason S. Standley

AUGUST, 3, 2019

President Bob Bajackson called the meeting to order at 2:09 p.m. There were 20 members present at the meeting.

Bajackson gave a brief account of the BUSINESS REPORT revealing that there is $2,167 in the organization’s bank account. Questions were raised about other accounts such as the hole-in-one and added money accounts. Treasurer Clay Carter revealed those accounts were separate and were not part of the $2,167.

Bajackson then read the Minutes. A clarification/review recapping that closest to the pin was approved during the second quarter meeting of reducing the payout from $10 to $5 and that Hole-In-One money was reduced from $500 to $300. After discussion, a vote was taken to increase the payout back to $10 for Closest-to-the-Pin when enough players are participating in the weekly tournament. A motion was made and the group approved the change.

Before moving on to the next item on the agenda which was revising the schedule of play, Bajackson mentioned he had a conversation with Chad Donegan pertaining to NBGA’s annual charity donation. Chad mentioned what would serve the course the best if NBGA would consider buy golf clubs. Chad mentioned the purchase would help with the lessons the course conducts with such organizations as Communities and Schools, Teen Connections, Parks Classes and T Bar M Classes. A $500 donation would purchase three sets of clubs. A vote was then taken and approved to donate $500 for the purchase of three sets of clubs.

Chad then spoke about a proposed revised schedule. His thought was to give NBGA more consistent tee times. A motion was made to play a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. during the months of March through November and at 10 a.m. tee times December through February. A vote was taken and passed. There were three no votes on the motion.

The proposal drew a warm response at the beginning. One member said did not like shotgun starts and felt the course did not respect NBGA. He understood that NBGA probably only accounts for approximately 700 rounds a year and said property taxes contribute to the course’s funding.

Chad said he understood where he was coming from but said property taxes do not contribute to the course’s revenue. Other discussion followed with the members wanted to revise the schedule proposal. A motion was made to play a shotgun start at 8:30 a.m. during the months of March through November and at 10 a.m. during December through February. A vote was then taken and passed. There were three no votes on the motion.

Bajackson then spoke about the STATE OF THE ORGANIZATION. He said he respected everyone in the room but believes NBGA has lost its way. He told the group he hopes no one has to ever go through what he and the board experienced following the ADDED MONEY altercation incident. Bajackson said NBGA needs to return to respecting the game of golf and each of its members. He emphasized we need to stop with the connotative language and respecting each other’s culture.

Bajackson then called on John Clish who had requested time on the agenda. John said he regretted what he did and could not believe the altercation was still an issue. John said he had apologized, shook hands and thought when the first board’s email was released that the issue was over and we were moving on. Then, people demanded more…that was not good enough…they wanted suspensions etc. He asked why are they (the people who want severe punishment) not at the meeting to speak out?

Officer nominations was the next item on the agenda. Before feedback could be entertained, Bajackson said he was going to borrow the words of the 36th president of the United States who said, “I will not seek, and I will not accept another term as your president.” Discussion mostly focused on following the organization’s Constitution on selecting the officers.

It was decided that an email would be sent to the organization allowing people to nominate members for the respective offices. Then, the people who have been nominated would be contacted to see if they accept the nomination. Officers will be elected by secret ballot based on nominations received at the October meeting. The voting process would follow and the new board would be announced. The new officers’ term would begin Jan. 1, 2020. Discussion resulted in an email asking nominations would be sent around Sept. 1.

There was not any NEW BUSINESS or OLD BUSINESS to discuss

Bajackson then called for the members to ADJOURN. A motion was made and seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 3:41 p.m.