New Braunfels Golf Association

4rd Quarter Meeting

October 25, 2014


President Jim Patterson called meeting to order at 9:07AM with approximately 17 in attendance at Landa Park Golf Course Clubhouse.


Minutes from previous meeting approved.


Treasurer’s Report- Mac Landrum submitted report as follows ending, Sept. 30, 2014


  Dues                   Added Money            General Fund         Hole in One         Balance

$1375.00                       $0                         $1626.42               $1000.00          $4025.42


Old Business-


   Christmas Party- Landa Park Golf Clubhouse $20 a plate Sunday, December 14,     2014.


   Tee Choices-It was proposed and agreed that all players play from the tee box of choice at Landa for the remainder of the year. January 1 declare for the year whether it is Black, Gold, or Green. No Red tees are permitted with the exception of Ervin Schaefer who is grandfathered with a previous exception.


   Added Money Tie Breaker- John Poss explained the four methods of determining a winner in a tie situation. It was proposed and agreed the association would use the U.S.G.A. method of using the last nine holes of the last day played to determine an ultimate winner. 


   Capping Handicaps-Discussion was disallowed due to it being previously voted within the previous year.


New Business-

2015 NBGA Officer Nominations- Send nominations to Tom Rinehart. 



Submitted by Pete Stocking, Secretary




New Braunfels Golf Association

3rd Quarterly Meeting

July 19, 2014



Meeting called to order at 9:00AM in Starke Park Pavilion by President Jim Patterson with 23 in attendance.


Minutes from previous quarterly meeting approved as submitted.


Treasurers’ Report-Mac Landrum submitted report as follows:

 Dues         Money     Added Fund     General      Balance    Ending Balance as of 3/31/14   $1275.00   $128.00      $1946.42       $1000.00    $4349.42       Deposits After Statement Cut Off (Missing 6/14/14)                                               ($54.00)                               Outstanding Checks                                                                                                      ($103.00          Checking Balance 6/30/14                                                                                              $4192.42


Old Business


Landa Park Update- President Patterson reported the course is on schedule to open October 1, 2014. The course looks good with several added features. Chad has reserved 10:00AM Saturday tee times throughout the year for the association. Prices have been published. Association members will be considered Comal County residents for slightly reduced fees. Chad is going to offer free “bunker lessons” being the renovations will include many new bunkers around greens, as well as, fairways.


Christmas Party-Tom Rinehart will confirm arrangements and fees to have the party at the renovated clubhouse, if complete. Anticipated date being the first or second weekend in December 2014. The new clubhouse grill will be a “sports bar” atmosphere with food service supervised by a previous country club chef from the Houston area.


New Business

Discussion about instituting a 25 handicap limit in the Association.  Motion by Doug Ferguson to limit handicaps at 25, seconded by Paul Haeck. Voted 4 in Favor, 19 Against, Motion defeated. Other discussion about handicap calculation parameters. Currently use best 10 of last 20 score method for handicap. Other methods can be considered if enough interest among the group.


Cliff Reed suggested gifting Starke Park and/or Northcliff for their hospitality to the association while Landa was closed. A suggestion to possibly get Starke some chairs for the clubhouse. Tom Rinehart to research cost.


Meeting adjourned at 9:30AM


Respectfully submitted, Pete Stocking, Secretary 



New Braunfels Golf Association

2nd Quarterly Meeting

April 12, 2014


President Jim Patterson called meeting to order with approximately 15 in attendance.


Minutes from previous meeting approved.


Treasurer’s Report- Mac Landrum

Beginning Balance $2952.39 Ending Balance $3853.97 Dues are -20%, Income is - 28%, Fees are -22% from this time last year. The association is in good shape financially and may want to consider funds for purchase of pc, website or maintain for Christmas party. No action at this time.


New Business-

Course update. Scheduled to open as planned October 2014. Presently greens are “roughed in” and sod is being placed in fairways. Motion by John Poss to return to Landa as home course when available in fall. Chad Donnegan has assured that tee times will be reinstated as before. Discussion about those who play Landa as a member of association will be eligible for resident card. Motion passed.


John Poss has volunteered as the sole Tournament Director to avoid confusion.


Tee box selection of members should be comparable at different courses until we return to Landa where club rules will prevail.


Discussion concerning the consideration that the NBGA become a qualifying GIHN club in the future. No action at this time.


Webmaster position. John Poss motion to appoint Tom Rinehart as NBGA webmaster but reimburse Tom for cost of website.  Motion approved. 


Old Business-

John Poss addresses recent behavior of some members concerning argument over handicap differential and payouts and the hardship it places on the Tournament Director. He reminded the group the spirit of the organization is to enhance fun, camaraderie, friendship and personal support. All attendees in favor.




Submitted by: Pete Stocking, Secretary




New Braunfels Golf Association

1st Quarterly Meeting-Northcliffe Golf Club

January 11, 2014


Meeting was called to order by President Jim Patterson at 11:10AM. There were approximately 29 members in attendance. President Patterson announced the officers for 2014 as President-Jim Patterson, Vice President- Mason Standley, Treasurer- Mack Landrum, Secretary-Pete Stocking, Tournament Directors Tom Rinehart, John Poss.


Previous meeting minutes-

No minutes from the last meeting were available.


Treasurer’s Report-

Mac Landrum was not present, so no treasurer’s report was read.   


Old Business-

2014 NBGA Donation-John Poss continued discussion from last meeting about he and  Jim Patterson forming a committee to determine the donation from the NBGA and the last thought was to give it to Family Promise.  Mike Linscomb asked if a dog training group for the wounded warriors could be considered. After discussion, John Poss made the motion to give $350 to Family Promise and $150 to Wounded Warrior Dogs. Motion was seconded by (unknown) and approved by unanimous vote.


Landa Course Update-

Jim Patterson announced the course is on schedule to open October 1, 2014. The expectation was that green fees would increase approximately $10 per round and some type of membership is being considered for approximately $1800 per year. These figures are still under consideration and would be finalized at future Golf Advisory Board meetings. Chad was willing to provide tours of the course in redevelopment. There is consideration of the NBGA moving to other courses but would be discussed at the next quarterly meeting.


New Business-

Tee Rules-There was discussion about which tees should be played depending on handicap and age to maintain fairness. John Poss made the motion that eligibility for tees are as follows:


White Tees- Standard for every one


Gold tees - Handicaps greater than 10 and age greater than 65

Age is greater than 70


Red tees- Age is greater than 80


Motion seconded by (unknown) and approved by unanimous vote.


Persons with physical disability can request waiver from above tees rules from tournament director.


Slow Play- Play “ready golf”


Credit Cards- Starting next week (1/18/14) credit and debit cards can be used for tournament fees for an additional .25 fee per transaction.


Blind Draw- Kim Phillips brought forward the unfairness of blind draw payouts in certain circumstances. The tournament director will take suggestions, consider and present a solution in the future. Issue tabled at this time.


Motion to adjourn, seconded.     


Submitted by: Pete Stocking, Secretary