NBGA JULY 13, 2013

President Bajackson called the meeting to order at 1:53 with 23 members present. First order of business was the reading on the minutes.

2nd order of business was the treasurer’s report. Mac Landrum reported the fund balances total $3,628. Dues are $1,625 which should be more than enough to cover the Christmas Party. We have $1,113.04 in the general fund and $900.00 in the hole in one fund. Mac recommends we take a conservative approach and not make charitable contributions at this time and wait and see how we stand next quarter. Tom Rinehart made a motion to accept the reading of the financial report and Jim Patterson seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED
Chad was asked to give an update on the course renovation. Chad reported that the city council has approved the $6.8 million dollar renovation of the course and the clubhouse. However they have not approved the funding. They would be releasing bids on August 2 and take 5 to 10 bids. Chad said he did not believe the bids would come in higher than than they had projected. On September 23 they would take the bids to council and believes if the bids are close to the $6.8 figure the renovations would be approved. Course would close the first of October and begin to move earth within the first couple of weeks. Hopes the course reopens the the first of October 2014, to begin revenues for the city’s fiscal New Year.
Tom Rinehart asked if they have made a decision on the type of grass that they will be using. Chad said that they will be using Bermuda 419 grass. This is the same grass used at Olympia Hill, The Bandit, Silverhorn, and The Quarry. They have not made a decision on the grasses for the greens.
Mac Landrum asked if they would be over seeding during the winter months. Chad said it would not be possible to over seed in the first year of reopening because they need to give the grass time to become established. They hope to reseed after the first year if the golf course is doing well and they can put the cost into the budget.
Doug Ferguson asked if they will be allowing personal carts once reopened. Chad said that decision would be made by the council. In the master plan personal carts were not allowed, but Chad said he disagreed and believed that personal carts should be used and he would go to bat for the people that owned their own carts.
Rusty Ellis asked if the grandfather fee would be included once the course reopened. Chad said there will be annual fees but uncertain at this time. He has a plan for a fee for play Monday thru Thursday and another for play seven days a week.

President Bajackson brought up the topic of playing the ball down or to bump the ball. After a lively discussion Mac Landrum made a motion that the tournament director will decide on a weekly basis if the ball is to be played down or if the ball is to be played up. Jim Patterson seconded the motion. MOTION PASSED
Next Item up for discussion was where we were going to play once Landa closed. John Poss said that many of the members mentioned that they were disappointed with the conditions of Chaparral, and they would not play this course every week. He mentioned that other courses have expressed interest in accommodating us just unable to every week. It was suggested that we play roughly 26 of the 52 rounds at Chaparral and float to other courses such as Starke and Northcliff for the other rounds. It was mentioned that if we had to play every week at Chaparral that eventually we would lose the club. Tom Rinehart believed we should appoint a committee to research other courses, John Poss and Mac Landrum were appointed to this important task.
Wayne Clark announced that he was retiring from the Landa Park golf course committee at the end of the year after 10 years of service. It was mentioned that the all the plans for the new course would have been finalized, the course would be under construction and that all the decisions would have already been made with nothing left to do, someone mentioned a no brainer. We decided that Jim Patterson was the man for the job.
Mac Landrum mentioned that we had $900 in the hole in one club and he said he has played with everyone in the club and there was no way in hell there was going to be three holes in one. He suggested we move $300 from the hole in one club to the general fund and to max out the hole in one club from $900 to $600. Everyone agreed
John Poss asked for ideas for new formats for weekend tournaments, He had come up with a yellow ball tournament and also has a SEC vs. the world tournament. Both tournaments are on the schedule. He also mentioned having a 3 club tournament later in the year. Chad encouraged everyone to play in the city championship that will be held the third week of September.
Jim Patterson made a motion to adjourn the meeting with many seconds.